Sculpt Gel Pro Workshops

Most media makeup artists are expected to be able to create basic ‘makeup effects’ such as sweat, minor injuries and the effects of a disease.  

When more extreme effects are required, it may mean prosthetics have to be made.  

However, Sculpt Gel allows for many of the benefits of  silicone appliances to be created directly on the skin without the need for moulds or premade appliances.  

Think scar wax which moves like skin and springs back when you push it.

Sculpt Gel Pro Workshops

The two one-day pro workshops with by Stuart Bray this December will share the essential and advanced techniques and tricks to help you use this versatile material to great effect.

These small workshops (max group size 6) will be run at the Guru Makeup Emporium, Fulham in London.  See the workshop and booking info at the bottom of this page.

Check out the slide show and video to see how great the stuff can look.

 The benefits of Sculpt Gel are:

  1. Quick – mix it up, apply it and colour in 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Makeup on the spot – great for those ‘we need it on set’ moments.
  3. Flexible – moves like skin and with the skin.
  4. Translucent – like real skin, it is not flat and opaque.
  5. Sweat resistant – unlike gelatine, heat and moisture will not affect the material.
  6. Durable – press down on the set material and it pops back unlike wax.
  7. Economical – mix up only what you need when you need it
  8. Great edges – blend the edges out with a tool to nothing (handy for relentless High-Definition close ups).
  9. Repairable – if you get any accidental wear and tear, repair with more Sculpt Gel.
  10. Takes makeup – tint the material intrinsically and tweak it with makeup over the surface to blend.

The Essential Workshop covers the key skills required to use Sculpt Gel effectively:

  • How to pre-mix the correct skin tone.
  • How to get great blending edges.
  • How to create skin texture.
  • How to create various casualty effects including cuts, laceration, gunshot, burns and scalds.

The Advanced Workshop covers taking these skills and creating more sophisticated effects:

  • How to use with moulds.
  • How to create the effect of multi-density in skin tissue (skin, fat, muscle).
  • How to reuse and mould Sculpt Gel for multiple uses.
  • How to increase makeup durability.

Both the Essential and Advanced Sculpt Gel workshops will be held this December at the Guru Makeup Emporium studio in Fulham, London.  Click here to see a map and more details.  Workshops run from 10am to 5pm.

The workshop fees include workshop notes, all materials and kit plus a download copy of the Awesome Latex eCourse worth £45.00 and a Sculpt Gel kit to take away with you after the workshop has finished. Please email or SMS Stuart on 07798 876 387 in order to check avalability.

*** Workshop Options *** ——————————————————————————

*Essential Workshop – Dec 13th (Tues) – £250 


**Advanced Workshop – Dec 14th (Wed) £250 


***Both days – Dec 13th & 14th (£50 discount) – £450


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