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IMATs 2012 makeup applied

SNOW. That’s what most people will remeber most from the UK IMATS 2012. But, I still had a fantastic time.  Despite getting stuck with no transport, sleeping on a grotty hotel room floor, shivering under a towel for a blanket … Continue reading

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IMATs 2012 makeup part 4

Huzzah!  First one out was a winner! Well, after opening the mould this morning and finding that all went well, I am pleased to have got a successful piece out first time to use on Saturday! I ripped off the … Continue reading

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IMATs 2012 makeup part 3

 Mould Time!  (or Mold Time if you are in the U.S.) After the rapid sculpting days, last night I edged up the cutting edge and over flow as seen below.  I used Chavant Le Beu Touche as it is quite … Continue reading

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