Glasgow Film Festival 2018

Recently, I did a little demo of a vampire makeup application for BBC Arts at the Glasgow Film Festival.

It was a fun afternoon of application demos, and this one was filmed, and we chatted about the nature of the work and motivations behinsthe desire to do it. Often this side of things is skipped over, and it is nice to have the opportunity to talk about the important stuff which is so often overlooked, as hype, Coke cans in the eye and over-the-top hype is far more eyecatching than the nuts and bolts of how the stuff is actually made.

The pic of the final makeup you see me taking in the video.

Check out the video below to see what we did and how it worked out – the brow piece was run from my Evil Brow flat mould, and as always is a pleasure to apply. I love vampire looks, and any chance to create one is always a treat!

Model was Sara Adamson, herself a talented makeup artist and gorefreak like myself, who happens to live in Glasgow, so serendipity prevailed.

See the video here:

What was your fave vampire? I was always terrified of Barlow, The Master in the TV movie version of Salems Lot! That stayed with me, I can tell you. Still gives me the heebiejeebies now.

– Stuart

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