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    1. Raphael Lima says:

      I bought the course back in 2016 (maybe even before that), and i had the files on a external HD. but it got corrupted. I went to my email to get back the files, but all links where broken. How do i get access again? i dont see any login space on this new site. Thanks in advance.

    2. kael says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Due to a condition, and since I cannot afford surgery yet, I would like you to advise me on what material silicone, latex, gelatin, any polymer I could use do make fake breast.
      I would like a material that could last up to one and a half year with realistic look (skin texture: and a good bounce.) The gelatin video you made made me feel like the bouncy aspect could be nice but I don’t think a 600 gram gelatin breast would be a good pic lol on the long run. (does it wears with time?)

      Any idea? I have a friend, who realize molds and sculpture in clay and works with alginate and different materials so for the mold part everything is fine but we are still struggling to find the good material.

      thank you a million time for your work.

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    4. Tim Mcinturff says:

      I’m using an alcohol activated body paint and will need to attach ears and nose. If I use a silicone adhesive am I restricted to using silicone appliances only?

    5. tamara says:

      im a graduate from Film and TV, studied at UAL, practice on Art Department and with a great interest on learning the skills of prosthetics making, I will be in London until the 6th of February, Your site doesnt show information about dates, I am interest on taking your short course and I was hoping perhaps you can organize a 3 day course on these dates pleaseeee!!!!

    6. dyan casto says:

      Hello! My name is Dyan Casto I have been doing some special effects work but want to learn better how to do some things. I want to know if you have courses in person or in a school for teaching the effects and makeup? if so where are you located and schedule of courses and cost. thankyou for your time,
      regards Dyan Casto

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