Podcast Episode: #27 – Stu Musings

Seven hours is a big time difference to deal with when trying to synchronise a podcast with two people.

To help with that, Todd and I figured we’d add some extra single features to help keep the show moving.


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At Pinewood studios, I was teaching a great class which had me thinking a lot about whatwe teach and why. I seized the moment to share my observations which briefly were:

  1. When and why to premake pieces way in advance versus fabricating something up directly onto the skin.
  2. The difference between knowing about something and mastering it.
  3. Keeping a record of your efforts when trying to solve a problem.
  4. It’s hard to be subtle – heavy handed is way easier to do.
  5. The importance of mixing the correct base tone to your appliance material.
  6. Making V buying fake blood.

Links you may find useful which were mentioned:

Neill Gorton’s Make-up FX 911

Rob Smith – Blood Podcast Part 1

Rob Smith – Blood Podcast Part 2

Maekup – David Stoneman’s FX materials range

Eyeblood (Kryolan)

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  1. Rob Smith says:

    Thanks for the mention, Stuart. Appreciate it. Another good cast!

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