Behind The Scenes of Waking The Dead

BBC’s Waking The Dead – Behind The Scenes of Prosthetic Makeup Application

The Bleeding Knife tutorial was based on a gag for a scene in the BBC TV show Waking The Dead which I did last year, working for a fantastic FX guy Waldo Mason who did most of the stuff for the show.  Working with him & Viv Riley, the series makeup designer was a lot of fun, and I extend my sincere gratitude for the job.

The BBC have also just released a short ‘making-of’ video featuring the application of  drowned corpse makeup I made for the show, and I thought it would be cool to post it here.  Thanks to Ed for doing a great mould and for helping with the application – you rock!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Please note: This clip may not play if outside of the UK owing to the BBC licencing laws and stuff.  If so, apologies – out of my control but will be posting my own pics in due course once the show has aired!

(UPDATE April 3rd 2011: The show aired part 1 today, and on April 4th part 2 will be on.  I will put something together and post ASAP!)



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6 Responses to Behind The Scenes of Waking The Dead

  1. Tommy Luca says:

    Is this the same one they had on the DVD? I forget which season though, 3 or 4?

  2. Helen Douthwaite says:


    Looks amazing, I watched this ep too and saw your name lol!!
    The makeup looks incredible….. long time too for the actor to sit there but overall it looks brilliant. Well done to you, Ed and Viv Riley 🙂

  3. gothmate says:

    Crap!!! Can’t see the video here in Brazil.
    Looking forward for your pics.

    • Stuart says:

      I know…I know…it’s so lame but I will get them up here this week!
      Thanks for checking in – and keep an eye out for the series on sculpting this month.

  4. Dana Parker says:

    Darn. Sucks I can’t see the video in my area, but I look forward to seeing the pics. It must be really gratifying to see your hard work come to light.

    • Stuart says:

      I know!!!! Sorry – that is how the Beeb work. As soon as it is aired, I will do a nice feature on it.

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