Bleeding Knife Gag (video tutorial)

I recently did a few effects for a TV show, and one involved a torture scene with skin being cut by a knife with bleeding live on camera.

There was no budget or time to make a series of fake chest sections to be cut with a real knife.  Besides, I was not sure if the shot was tight enough to be able to use a prop section like that or indeed what angle the camera would be.  No…it was going to have to be much more basic than that.

I had an idea about how to do it, and it worked rather well.  I recreated the process and videoed it so you can have a go too if you fancy it.  It’s not for the squeamish, though!

Funny thing was, I actually used a cheaper knife for the actual show, but used a Stanley knife for this tutorial.  As you will see, there were a few problems that I had to overcome in this which I actually did not have to deal with on the real job.


If you have any questions, comments or actually have a crack at making one yourself, then please do comment below or get in touch!


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20 Responses to Bleeding Knife Gag (video tutorial)

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  2. Tommy Luca says:

    Pretty neat. This brings back memories of the book I picked up a long time ago in the late 80s by Tom Savini. It had something similar, however much more crude though. This is a handy technique, thanks Stuart.

  3. this is awesome sauce stuart! you are my idol do you know that? all the stuff you come up with is rad! its inspired me for a little over two years now! 🙂

  4. Karl says:

    Ok, so I’ve finally got around to watching this and as usual it was great.

    Would have prefered some commentry over the top as trying to watch for details and read at the same time was awkward…but that may just be me! Loved the sound FX, nice touch 🙂

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  6. Clemencia Agramonte says:

    Very inspiring stuff 😉 I think I will have to give this a try

  7. Dark Artist says:

    That is fantastic. I make props like this for a living, not SPFX makeup, but stuff liek this is right within my realm! Very tidy work. I was waiting with baited breath for the “test it out” part 😉

  8. Paul Wilkins says:

    very nice blood knife effect and a brilliant tutorial
    greta stuff Stuart

  9. mario costas says:

    Great stuff Stuart!

  10. atto kwamena richardson says:

    that great. genius show as more.

    • Stuart says:

      Hi Atto

      That’s kind of you, but I’m actually just a boring nerd who likes to agonise over the details (which is why I do what I do I guess). I’m working on more!!


  11. Buffy says:

    Amazing. I love it.

  12. Tony Price says:

    Wicked job mate. Will definitely have a go at this one 🙂

  13. Hannah Keech says:

    Thats wicked Stuart!!!! taking a stanley knife to pieces to create that was an awsome and inexpensive idea. Most of the time as make-up artists we are creating the wounds once the impact has happened and not as it is happening so thats a brilliant technique.

    you will find me in a hardware store looking strangely close to the stanly knifes on sale and how they can be taken to pieces!!! lol

    thanks for that.

  14. Daniel Kyle says:

    Very Nice!
    Love your site!

  15. krystle says:

    wow… so much detail and patience but great job.

    • Stuart says:

      Hi Krystle

      The actual show used a store-brand knife which was much easier to fit with the rig.

      Then, when I started the tutorial, I had to jump through a few more hoops than the real job required. If you use a cheaper brand then you’ll probably have an easier time! I didn’t intend to have to be that patient!


  16. michelle mcconologue says:

    Brilliant, fantastic. For those who is not a make up artist would think it was the real thing. Your the best.
    Love it.

  17. Anastasia says:

    wow, great job, Stuart!!!!
    Thanks for this!

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