Bloated Corpse Prosthetic Sculpt

Bloated Corpse?  Next week you say?  Ok, I’ll get cracking then…

A few years back I made a prosthetic for a TV show and I documented the making of it with the intention of one day being able to edit it into something.  So here it is.

I was ably assisted in the final makeup and making by Edmund Woodward who is an exceptional talent, so when I refer to ‘we’, it is Ed to whom I am referring.  Thanks also to Waldo Mason who wafted the job my way.

Because I don’t have a radio voice, I have put togther a transcript with images to help anyone who wants to review it in more detail.  Download the transcript here (1mb)

Happy sculpting!


All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2012 unless otherwise stated

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1 Response to Bloated Corpse Prosthetic Sculpt

  1. Hannah Keech says:

    Hi Stuart,

    thanks for sharing that, I remember watching the clip of you applying this and you showed me the mould at one of your courses, so its wicked to see how you sculpted it and the 3 stages of sculpts before the final one.

    Will you be sharing a tutorial of the next states?

    Would love to see more!

    Hannah x

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