Coraline Button Eyes Makeup Part 3: Moulding

Part 3 arrives at last…a little redfaced and late for class but here none the less. Apologies for the lengthy delay but I am back in the house.

It has been a crazy month of working & vacationing in Texas with my family as well as finally getting a new computer (yay) which can actually render hi-def video and not crash taking a weeks worth of editing with it! Ouch.

Plus, my kids are kind of like mini terminators in Toy Story T-Shirts…”they absolutely, positively will not stop”…ever!  Still, as promised, please see below the third installment of the Coraline makeup process.  The next one (part 4: casting in gelatine) will be shorter and the application (part 5 – the final one) is gonna be juicy.  Now that I have kit that can handle the editing, I can get these out much quicker.

If you like what I did – and even if you didn’t – then please let me know.  You will help me get better at helping you, sorta thing.  *Group hug*

Happy carbon-fibre-ing (fibering)

All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2011

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