Coraline Button Eyes Makeup Part 4: Casting Appliances

How best to get boiling hot gelatine into a mould without burning yourself to pieces?

The answer of course is a bloody great syringe which doesn’t melt under such circumstances.  Originally this video was gong to a couple of minutes long…and then I realised I’d best show how I made the syringe or else much of it would be useless.

So, please let me know what you think of this video – the most ambitious of mine so far. I dabbled with illustrations mixed with the video to try and best show various techniques in as simple-to-understand way as possible.  What do you reckon?:

I will get on with the final video on application as soon as possible. I am enjoying the process of making the videos and am gearing up for Halloween. If you have any ideas for tutorials you’d like to see then PLEASE do let me know so I can put it into action if possible!

Happy blood-slinging.



All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2011

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