Coraline Button Eyes Makeup Part 5: Application

Well, finally the last Coraline makeup video is here – and editing this made me recall how much fun I had sticking this thing on!

Paul Ewen who wears the piece is a joy to work with – he is no stranger to wearing prosthetic makeup and he really gets into character. If you’ve ever been accosted by a creature at a UK IMATS, there is a fair chance Paul was underneath the makeup and costume!

Coraline workbook cover

Click Here

I put together a free 11 page downloadable workbook for you to accompany this video.  Click on this link or the image to the left to go straight to it.

On there you will find a transcript of the voice over, step by step images and a list of the materials and suppliers I used.

That way, by seeing, hearing & reading the information, you’ll get as thorough an explanation as I can deliver without actually being in the same room as me!

Anyway, as promised here is video part 5: Application:

If you have any questions about alternative materials in your area, please get in touch. You will find an extensive worldwide supplier list in the first (and free) module of the Awesome Latex ecourse which is available here.

I also would like to mention I had help cleaning off the makeup by the delightful Hannah Keech – so Hannah & Paul – thanks for helping me out and for your patience.

Happy sticking!



All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2011

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