Coraline-inspired ‘buttons’ – tutorials introduction

Button EyesI was inspired by the animated movie Coraline, and really fancied seeing what the buttons stitched in the eyes would look like first hand on a person.  This was my take on it.

Naturally I decided to document the process which meant it took longer to do than usual, but hey…you’re worth it!

I have shot everything in Hi-Def, and will edit the whole process into 5 separate videos, each one focussing on a different aspect in detail so you can see up close how everything was done.  I also use carbon fibre paste with epoxy gelcoats for the first time, so my moulds were (for me, anyway) a bit of an unknown quantity.

Anyhow,  please enjoy the introduction video showing you a taster of what is to come over the next few weeks.  If you like what you see, please let me know by commenting in the box below!  Cheers.

Happy button-stitching!


All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2011

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