Podcast #14 – Scanners & Schoonraads


This podcast takes a little look at the influence of digital technology on the practical effects workflow.

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Bear in mind the problems we try to overcome – namely to create an illusion which appears real such as a decapitation, an injury taking place or some kind of transformation – these issues are the reason that we strive for new and better methods. That desire to create is the wind in the sails, and we have always used the best available to get that.

Digital has affected everything, every industry and we have changed along with it. Despite that, it’s a tool and one that many of the practical FX side view either with suspicion or glee. We wanted to chat about that and start a conversation about what it means and how we can work with it rather than against it. After all, I think that’s the ultimate fear, and I think it doesn’t need to be that way at all!


My head scan. Painless, but tragically accurate.

I talk with Steve Johnson briefly about his upcoming volume Rubberhead, Todd reveals his pixelated past and John and Tristan Schoonraad of Lifecast at Elstree studios chat about their 3D scanning work!


Tristan Schoonraad creates art using 3D scans and plays with scale – miniature to massive with equal accuracy!

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-Stuart & Todd

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