Realistic cuts using wax – video tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create great incision effects using scar wax.

Scar wax is a great material for low budget effects, but is often used incorrectly or just simply not to it’s full potential.

One of the biggest issues is the colour that it comes in, and it suits few people in it’s original form. While it is of course possible to add makeup after application, too much will obscure the translucency of the material which is one of it’s main benefits.

This tutorial will take you through how to colour and apply it well, as well as how to deal with water based blood on a wax surface.
Thanks for checking my video!

Let me know what you think – pop a comment below.

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8 Responses to Realistic cuts using wax – video tutorial

  1. Tommy Luca says:

    Once again, you guys rule! Everything is helpful by these two, love this website.

  2. Nikky says:

    Hey, this was actually really helpful! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I was wondering if there was a good place to buy the wax fairly cheap? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • Stuart says:

      Wax costs some money, obviously and the good waxes more so than the cheaper ones. It is more the case that wax is the cheaper option compared with sculpting, moulding and casting prosthetics. That takes more time and therefore money. Professional makeup stores should stock more than one kind, so check out what they have and get the best you can afford. It may be worth buying a larger quantity and splitting it between friends or colleagues, so you can benefit from bulk buying. A 500g pot is going to be cheaper per gram than a 50g pot.

      Where about’s in the world are you?


  3. Mauro Zenoniani says:

    I tried to use a kind of wax that covers a cheese.

    It’s creamy white and it’s very simple to color in the same way you showed in the tutorial.
    The final result is great and i did not spend any money… at least to buy the cheese to mix with nachos !! :))

    Thank you for the tutorial, it helped me to save a lot of time

  4. ana says:

    OMG this tutorial is great!! Best Iยดve seen so far!! Iยดm a FX freak so I watch tons of videos, and like I said, BEST so far. Hope to see more of your vids and tutorials. What I would like you to improve is to talk slower. My native language is spanish but I also speak some english so I would appreciate it if you talked a little slower and louder.
    Thanks for the great tutorial and keep more videos coming!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Stuart says:

      Hi Ana

      Thanks for the support. I basically just try to explain stuff exactly how I would like to have had it explained to me. I have more coming, and I will try to speak slower – I do gabble away and I am not (as you can tell) a natural voice over person. Duly noted though – thanks for pointing it out. I gotta get better at it!


  5. Dorota says:

    thank you for that , it’s looks very realistic, is great step by step tutorial !!!
    ps. great music in the background ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. John says:

    Thank you, this was very helpful

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