Simple & effective scratches

I thought it would be useful to do a series of video tutorials using really basic kit to produce great makeup effects.  To that end, I have planned them and this is the first: simple & effective scratches.

As with most makeup effects, the best thing to start with is reference.  You notice that the scratched skin is snagged and dark red, but the skin around it responds to that damage and reddens shortly after the injury takes place.

My approach with casualty effects starts by looking at images of the real thing and examining the picture to simply reverse engineer what I am looking at.

Anyhow, let me know what you think below.   I love to get comments and will get stuck into the next videos asap!


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3 Responses to Simple & effective scratches

  1. Tommy Luca says:

    The ref link was really helpful, adding to my digital morgue I will.

  2. Michelle says:

    I have to say, you make it look so easy!Thank you for these very realistic and practical tutorials, easy to use/basic kits,that professionals or amateurs a like can learn from,I look forward to testing out these technigues,Thanks again!

  3. Jamie Atkinson says:

    great tip for beginners, i hope there will be more of these building up in skill level.
    makes me glad i bought my ben nye wheel to start with!

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