IMATs makeup part 2

Sculpt done!

Today went really well. I had some great suggestions, and it was really nice getting feedback and hearing ideas so thanks for that.

I decided to go for a more buggy-infected look so there will be an antennae thingey coming out the head, some cracked/splitting skin and there will be oozing from the eye and other areas, so thanks for that!

I decided to turn them B&W as I think it makes it easier to see the form rather than colour which can be distracting.

There will be oozing from that eye and the flabby neck should be nice and squishy.


I think the quickest way for the antennae was to make a quick wire armature, and sculpt a snail-like eye on a stalk.  The plan is then to just coat this with a few layers of latex to make a hollow sock of latex which should sit nicely on a wire armature I will make.

This will just be some wire glued onto a plastic plate which I will then stick onto Paul’s head to support it. (If that’s okay Paul?)

Just need to do all the edging up tomorrow and make the mould.  I will let you know how it is progressing!

Thanks for looking!


All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2012

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