#45 – Jordu Schell

Jordu Schell has been pushing clay around for a while and knows a thing or two about sculpting.

Creating concepts for characters and creatures, masks, makeups and beautifully crafted designs, he also teaches his craft all over the world and has recently released the first of a series of downloadable books, The Professional Creature Design Handbook.

In this podcast we chat about:

  • The headspace of sculpting
  • The frustration of failing and why it matters
  • Using nature as inspiration and reference
  • The pitfalls of copying styles (Aping the style without understanding the deeper truth behind it)
  • Teaching and learning styles around the world

The other sculptors mentioned are:

The book Todd mentioned was by Uldis Zarins and Sandis Kondrats  Anatomy For Sculptors: https://anatomy4sculptors.com/

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Stuart & Todd

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  1. Christopher avalos says:

    Hi, i am very interested in looking to enhance my skills. I am a beginner and have been told i have great talent applying myself with prosthetic pieces and color. I guess my question would be price, and will you be in the san antonio area in the future?

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