Realistic severed finger

Make this finger – about an hour of work with silicone and gelatine!

A little job cropped up for fellow makeup artist buddy Jennifer Nash requiring a severed finger.  I’d said I would help on the condition that she let me video the process and turn it into a tutorial.  So here we are!

For speed and accuracy, frankly it is easier and quicker to simply make a mould from the real thing, so I life cast my own finger using Life Form life casting silicone from Mouldlife. It only took about ten minutes to set up fully, and was easily removed.

I then swilled gelatine into the mould to make sure no air bubbles were trapped in there.  Then, topping it up to the brim, this fella can sit in a freezer drawer for a half hour while I kill Jar Jar with the kids on Star Wars Lego for the Wii!  (They’ll never understand my pain!)

Once the gelatine has cooled and solidified, out it pops to be worked and widdled to create a meaty end-stump and some carefully placed blood.

Materials needed:
1. Life Form
2. Gelatine FX Nuggets
3. Skin Illustrators/alcohol activated makeup palettes
4. Fake blood

5. Metal sculpting tools
(Compleat Sculptor:

Seriously – make five or six, chopped at different length and string them into a threaded necklace and see if it helps you when you next go grocery shopping.  If you do, then take a pic and send it to me….I’ll post them on the blog!

Happy stumping and Merry Christmas!


All material, images and text © Stuart Bray 2011

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