Making your own FX grade gelatine

When I did the Coraline videos, I used pre-made gelatine blocks and so this video is here to correct that!

Gelatine blocksMaking your own gelatine blocks is easy with the right materials.  Food gelatine – the kind in supermarkets and general stores – is not really strong enough.  It will make a gelatine block, but won’t stand much punishment and wear, and melts easily.

Gelatine is graded in strengths by a rating system known as it’s ‘bloom’, and the higher the number, the stronger te gelatine will be.  This stuff from Mouldlife is 300 bloom, which is ideally the strength we need.

The other ingredients are sorbitol and glycerine (aka glycerol), used as food sweetener and sugar substitute.  These are easily found from food suppliers and wholesalers, but very often only in huge drums.  Often these suppliers will not sell small amounts.  You may find a retailer or some supplier who has bough it in bulk and is retailing in the amounts required for a kilo of gelatine blocks, it all depends on where in the world you are and what is available to you.  I am in the UK and got everything from Mouldlife as it was easiest to get all the ingredients in one box and pay one delivery charge.

Also, be aware that most FX gelatine is pork based, made from collagen found in skin and bones.  However, it is quite a cheap material (and reusable – just clean and remelt it) and a good value alternative to silicone for learning and low budget jobs.

Anyway, here is the video…please leave a comment!

Happy sticking



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