Using Fibreglass-Part 3

Fibreglassing video part 3 is up and running at last!

My apologies for the loooong delay between parts 2 and 3.  It has been a busy year – as you may know I still work as a makeup effects bod, fitting the blog and videos into any (ahem!) ‘spare’ time. 

Well, there has been precious little of that – for ‘spare time’, read ‘even less sleep than usual’.  Sob sob, break out the mini violins. 

Anyhow, the video is up, there is a bumper edition of notes to go along with this video as usual which are free to download right now!

So please watch the video, and if you have any questions then as always, drop me a comment below, or email me direct at

Don’t forget – your part 3 workbook is here to download now.

Workshop news – there are a couple of new workshops coming up at Charles Fox in Covent Garden, London.  News and dates announced soon!


PS.  I had such a high spam volume (I deleted over 1000 messages of indecipherable nonsense about Ugg boots, mesh implants, Viagra and iPads) that I have set the comments to registered users only. 

So, if you are keen on leaving comments, I’m afraid I must steal a few seconds of your life while you fill out the fields to register.


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