Using Fibreglass-Part 2

Silicone jacket moulds a go-go!

Doing silicone jacket moulds (sometimes called Matrix moulds, although that makes them sound like they are made up of binary code and can transform into any shape by thoughts) kind of fell out of favour owing to more ‘butter on’ type moulds. 

Brushing silicone onto a form and then building up layers works well, but I find the amount of accelerators and thickeners etc. added to make the layers all have a detrimental effect of the silicone whether it be shrinking or just falls apart after a few years.  If you only need a quick mould then they work OK -I know have mad a number over the years.

However, I really like taking the time in the front end to make a nice clay shape to be silicone later, which is what this video is all about.  Also, I use steel shim to create a dividing wall instead of clay.  Like last time, I am aware that I gabble like a tired drug mule in front of a sharp customs officer at an airport, so I once again have supplied you with a workbook to download.

Click on the pic or here to get it for free right now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Exelent, the best I have seen on youtube.

  2. arash says:

    Thank you for workshap

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