Split Tongue Effects – Video Tutorials

Split Tongue 1_640x427Having made a fake tongue for a show last year, I figured it would make a fun tutorial.

So here it is.

Creating a split tongue that is worn is different in that you can’t really glue it like you would a nose or a chin – at best maybe using a denture fixative but I tried that once with some creature teeth, and it really isn’t pleasant to use.

For these tutorials, I made two different tongues – one is a diseased, fungal-infection thing and the other a split/lacerated tongue.  Starting by making a basic, natural looking tongue, it is then pretty straightforward to modify it and create all manner of mouth-related maladies.

I broke it down into two videos, plus did a quicker shortened overview video for those of you in a hurry.  If you want to know more then check out video 1 and video 2 (to be uploaded Wed 20th Nov).

The two longer videos also have a downloadable workbook with pics and info for you to follow along later if you want to have a go yourself. 

Click on the pictures below to get your copy.

Tongue Trauma Cover Pic large

Click here to download Part 1 workbook

Tongue Trauma Cover Pic 2 small

Click here to download Part 2 workbook








Please do let me know what you think by dropping a comment below!

The shortened video:


Full video part 1:

Video Part 1 workbook download here


Full video part 2:

Video Part 2 workbook download here


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torn tongue coupon pic





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