Rob Burns of Cutting Edge

Rob Burns makes great sculpting tools because he sculpts and knows what works.



It helps to know your tools, and in the podcast, he chats about how he started the company and how he paid his dues. We also chat with Mitch of Brick In The Yard again, and we talk about the proliferation of information in the hi-tech age and how having so much information on hand doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes it into the brain.

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Incidentally, this is what the tribble-like recorder looked like which we mention in the podcast:

Sculpting Tools

Tools are something I have an unreasonable desire for, and I have far too many already but I’ll be damned if that will stop me buying more. I have done a few posts on tools, manufacture tutorials and loop tool repair. This doesn’t mean I don’t buy tools as well – just because I know how to make a sandwich doesn’t mean I don’t go to Subway on occasion!

Check out a tutorial video from BITY with Robert demonstrating some cool sculpting techniques:

When I met with Rob at BITY, I had a play with the Steve Wang sculpting set, a signature set of tools designed in association with the master creature designer himself!

I liked them so much I bought a set there and then for myself, and also got another set for a giveaway on the podcast. See the competition details below to enter!

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Makeup Education

Todd is busy with the newest edition of his book, and I have had a few cool jobs and loads of teaching spots which led me to reflect on the differences between the job and the education side of things.  There are a few recurring issues I see partly because I think people think ‘makeup’ sounds like an easy option and partly because academic frameworks don’t necessarily make for a good approach to what is a vocational skill.

This being the case, we want to hear from anyone who is/was either a student or tutor in a makeup college/school/course and has a strong feeling either good or bad. What was your experience? What went well and what was pitiful? Did you find yourself surrounded with like-minded artistic souls or was it a difficult mixed group?

I’ve seen a lot of good thing and great tutors working hard to do right by their students, but sometimes any good they do is despite the system they find themselves in rather than because of it. Am I way off? Let me know by emailing

It’ll all be handled in confidence – I’m not interested in naming individual schools or people but I am interested in discussing the problem areas and what we can do to address them.

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Check out Prosthetics Magazine too, available as print or online subscription. This edition features a ton of amazing stuff, and we have part 2 of our latex tutorial – applying latex appliances.

Until next time

Stuart & Todd


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